Wirefab Inc. has purchased yet another robot. The Nachi SC15F is a 6-axis mig-welding robot with a 76” reach, a 360° platform, 400- amp power supply and the capacity of up to 4 workstations.

The Nachi SC15F will now keep company with three 5-axis Daihen OTC mig welding robots as well as Clifford Versawelders, Millermatic migwelders and Schlatter posiwelders already in operation at Wirefab’s 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

The Nachi SC15F will allow Wirefab more reach and flexibility in welding. It will accommodate larger and more complex wire fabrication, faster and easier than was previously possible.

Wirefab inc. is a leading, custom manufacturer of wire, tube and sheet metal fabrication. Their capabilities encompass state-of-the-art technology to straighten, mig & tig weld, bead, coin, stamp, swage, punch, thread, drill and mill. Wirefab’s wire products include; bakeries, OEMs, commercial restaurants and retail businesses as well as the science, military, medical, electronics and computer industries.