Wirefab had a problem:

The local youths assumed that the back of Wirefab’s warehouse, as well as other buildings in the area, were giant canvases for their graffiti. The kids would “tag” the warehouse and Wirefab would paint over the artwork. This scenario repeated several times before Wirefab requested police intervention.

It was obvious by the tagging that multiple vandals were involved. The police questioned several neighborhood youths. Then, a single mother stepped forth with her 15-year-old son. The boy had admitted to some of the tagging and a very disappointed mom chose to take actions that would make sure this never happen again. She took him to each of the businesses he had artistically adorned, urging that he apologize and make restitution for his actions. Most of the affected companies required him to do some painting or pay a monetary fine. Two businesses pressed charges against the teenager. Wirefab however opted for something a little more out of the ordinary.

Wirefab president, Jim Samsel said, “After speaking at length with the mother and son I was convinced that these acts were not malicious but rather a frustrated attempt to express a natural aptitude and talent for art. I also learned of extraordinary family circumstances that make this lad’s life different than most. This and the fact that he was the only youth to come forward and admit his guilt convinced me that we should think outside of the box in dealing with this young man. Like so many problems that we confront in manufacturing every day, there is a root cause and a corrective action. I thought it was important to find a creative corrective action that would positively effect this young man’s journey through life.”

While the young man completed the obligatory repainting of the warehouse, Wirefab used some very creative thinking to put a positive spin on this corrective action. They decided to grant the boy a scholarship to the Worcester Art Museum School of Art there-by providing him the opportunity to express and expand his legitimate artistic skills in a more appropriate environment. Upon learning of Wirefab’s plan, the local District Attorney chose to drop the pending charges.

Now that’s a creative solution!