Custom Sheet Display Racks & Sheet Pan Carts

Our sheet pan racks and sheet pan carts are fabricated from quality tubular aluminum.

Wirefab manufactures custom sheet display racks and sheet pan carts to accommodate the need for sheet pan storage and sheet pan movement

Our display racks may be fabricated with casters so your custom sheet pan carts and racks can easily be moved around your store or bakery.

Each sheet pan rack or cart holds can be customized to the size of your sheet pans.

Customization’s Available Include: Material, Size, and Color Coating.

We’ve done work for Industrial, Electronic, and Bakery Industries

Custom aluminum and wire products

Our advanced fabrication facility produces high-quality custom display racks and carts on time. We utilize a continuous flow manufacturing procedure, state-of-the-art tooling, ultra-modern paint systems, and the latest welding processes to fabricate and manufacture our display rack products.

Packaging Assembly, labeling, pack-outs, and drop-shipments as required.

New Custom Aluminum Rolling Carts


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