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Who We Are

Innovation Through Automation

Wirefab, Inc. is a leader specializing in wire forming, wire bending, and welded wire components, as well as laser cutting, tubing fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, and CNC machining. Based in Worcester, MA, we operate an 85,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility with all of our services under one roof providing all our clients the benefit of one-stop shopping. What this means to you is:

  • It’s easier and more price effective because we don’t need to outsource saving us both time and money that we pass on to you.
  • You can expect seamless communication and rapid response time because we can communicate on the spot with key team members and quickly elevate your priorities.

Our Company

More Than Wire

Our clientele is truly diverse, reaching across several industries and markets including: Quick Service Restaurants, Food Service Manufacturers, Research and Medical Equipment Manufacturers, Visual Merchandising, OEM, and much more.

Wirefab was founded in 1955 by Asbed “Ozzie” B. Zakarian and based the company on a simple philosophy – business built on quality will always thrive. Over 65 years later, this philosophy still holds true and Wirefab continues to offer high-quality design, manufacturing and service to our valued clients. And, it doesn’t stop there. The Wirefab family takes pride in all we do including being a family owned (ESOP) business.

When we asked one of our bakery clients what we could do to improve, they said:
“What you really should be asking is what can I do better to make things easier for Wirefab.”


Trust to us means integrity, standing by our word, and always doing what is in the best interest of our clients from pricing to timelines to communications. You can bounce ideas off of us, look to us for advice, and most importantly know that you and your success are of paramount to us. We’ll even go out of our way to exceed expectations, giving answers you may not like but always telling you the truth, and always leading you to the best solution and decision for your needs. Think of us as your partner, advisor, and creative problem solvers.


Our team of technicians, engineers, and business development experts take the time to check and double check all aspects of our processes from pricing to samples, to production and delivery to ensure consistency throughout our organization and our partnership. Quality to us means we hire right, manage consistency to reduce cost, and establish protocols and procedures to manage both your needs and our documented quality assurance program.


As your needs change and grow, we are here to adapt and support you. That means whether you come to us with a small or large project, we will always work with you to make recommendations on how to streamline manufacturing, create efficiencies, and improve performance so we can deliver your job quicker, on-time, and less expensively. Our number one goal is to utilize the strength of our intellect and technology including robotics, CNN and high tolerances to make your product even more manufacturable – and ultimately a better part at the end of the day.


You know you need something, but not sure what it is exactly. That’s where we come in. We collaborate with you in your environment to gain a thorough understanding of exactly what you want your component to do and how it will be used – then the imagination evolution begins as we draw, sketch, and engineer it into a manufacturable piece. Depending on the level of sophistication needed, we will synthesize your component to their exact measurement using CAD and quickly move to create your sample. Creativity means our solution will be innovative and refined.


Contact us today to see how we can save you time and money on your next project!

    Wirefab, Inc wire forming tube fabrication laser cutting cnc machining mig and tig welding

    Based in Worcester, MA, Wirefab operates an 85,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution facility and offers high-quality design, manufacturing, and service. Founded in 1955, our simple philosophy is that a business built on quality will thrive. Over 60 years later, we’re still delivering that quality in every project we take on.

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