Trumpf 6000 Watt TruLaser Fiber Laser

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    Trulaser 300 machinery used here at Wirefab

    Introducing the Trumpf 6000 Watt Trumpf TruLaser 3030 Fiber Laser

    For over a decade, Wirefab has proudly harnessed the power of precision engineering through our trusted Trumpf 3030 fiber laser. Now, building on our legacy of excellence, we’re excited to introduce a new chapter in our journey – a second offering that brings innovation to the forefront, with the added advantage of lights out capability.

    Embracing the latest advancements in laser technology, we’ve seamlessly integrated the high-performance Trumpf 6000 Watt TruLaser 3030 Fiber Laser into our repertoire. This cutting-edge addition has propelled our production capacity beyond boundaries, boasting an impressive expansion of over 60%.


    Increasing Our Efficiency & Mobility

    At Wirefab, our commitment has always centered around delivering unparalleled value to you, our esteemed customer. With this enhanced capacity, we’re thrilled to offer you a host of game-changing benefits:

    • Precision Perfected: Our new fiber laser’s state-of-the-art capabilities promise impeccable accuracy, ensuring that even the most intricate designs are brought to life with meticulous detail.
    • Time Transformed: Time is of the essence, and our advanced technology recognizes that. By substantially reducing lead times, we empower you to meet tight deadlines and swiftly respond to market demands.
    • Savings Amplified: We understand the significance of cost efficiency. With our new offering, operational excellence becomes not just a goal, but a reality. Witness cost savings across resources, materials, and energy consumption, enhancing your bottom line.
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    Why choose Wirefab?

    As we usher in this exciting phase of growth, Wirefab stands firm in our pledge to offer you unmatched solutions that define excellence. Our mantra – “Wirefab will leave the lights on for you” – encapsulates not only our dedication but our promise to illuminate a path toward your triumphs.

    Join us in embracing the future of precision, efficiency, and innovation. Partner with Wirefab and experience a new era of limitless possibilities.

    Discover the difference. Illuminate your success with Wirefab.


    “Wirefab has been a tremendous partner with us at Dunkin’ Brands for 40 plus years. They are innovative, resourceful, and always meet or exceed project timelines. Wirefab has been instrumental in helping us launch many successful platforms.”

    - Greg Sullivan

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