About Us

Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Wirefab operates an 80,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility and was founded in 1955 by Asbed B. Zakarian. Mr. Zakarian’s simple philosophy is that a business built on quality will thrive. The organization continues to do just that – sixty years later, Wirefab continues to offer high-quality design, manufacturing and service.Most recently, Wirefab has met the challenges brought about by expanded global competition by investing millions in the finest state of the art equipment that the industry offers. The equipment offers opportunities to remain competitive in the global market through speed and efficiency. The company has also diversified more than ever before, providing custom wire solutions to a broader scope of industries and organizations.

Although Wirefab does not encourage offshore sourcing of jobs, they do offer dual sourcing options if and when clients request.

Manufacturer’s Reps Wanted

Contact info@wirefab.com about rep opportunities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.